Access Information

Contact Us: Please see our Access Contact Us page for details.

Booking Information: Join our Access Membership Scheme to enable online booking for accessible seats, register for any available Access concessions and, for certain customers, reserve Personal Assistant tickets. Details on how to book Access tickets online are on our Booking With ATG Access Membership page

By phone via our Contact Centre: 0800 912 6971

In Person at the Box Office:

Located on Phoenix Street, just inside the Phoenix Theatre Main Entrance, on the left-hand side of the foyer.

Advance and on the day sales and queries from 10am-6pm

6pm-7:30pm – On the day sales and queries only. This will also be the case between 1pm and 2:30pm on days when we have matinee performances. On Mondays and Sundays, the box office will close at 6pm.

This box office is one shallow step up from street level, with a ramp available on request. Doors will be open, but during busy periods (especially from 30 minutes before showtime), there may be queues, both to enter the theatre and at the box office, and you may be subject to a security bag check before entering. There are two windows at the box office counter.

Merchandise and the Foyer Bar can be accessed from here with no additional steps, but access to other areas of the theatre from this Box Office is via steps only, (please see step guides below).

As the counters in both our box offices are relatively high, staff can step out from behind to assist customers, if required.

Venue Accessibility

Access Host
The Access Host is a member of our Front of House team who is there specifically to assist and guide patrons with disabilities or access requirements during your visit to the venue. If you would like their assistance, please ask for the Access Host on arrival. Sometimes, there may be a short wait for the host whilst they are assisting another patron. Occasionally, there may not be a dedicated Access Host available, in which case, another member of staff will be able to assist.

Access Parking
There is no on-site parking available.

Phoenix Street, in front of our Main Entrance, is suitable for drop-off and taxis can be hailed from Charing Cross Road.

The nearest car park is Q-Park, Chinatown. Approximately a 10-minute walk away, and we offer parking validation at our Cloakroom.

Please be aware that although there are disability parking bays on Stacey Street, behind the theatre, these are private bays for residents of Stacey Street only. Blocking these bays may result in a fine.

Assistance and Guide Dogs are welcome and can be looked after by the theatre staff during the performance if requested in advance or on arrival. If you would like your dog to stay with you, please contact us so we can ensure your seats have suitable space for your dog. Please also check the show information for any trigger warnings. Please bring any information including toileting instructions for staff taking care of your dog as well as any items needed to settle them, such a toy, blanket or treats. We may be able to accommodate other types of assistance animals, providing they are fully trained, but please check with the box office or venue access lead before booking if you have not previously visited us with your assistance animal.

Accessible toilets

The accessible toilet is on the Dress Circle level in the Royal Room. There are no steps to this toilet from the accessible entrance on Flitcroft Street, Box C or Row A of the Dress Circle, but there are 2 slightly awkward turns. This is a gender-neutral toilet and its own enclosed space, including the basin, with a lockable door. There will also be new, accessible toilets inside our new foyer on Charing Cross Road and at the rear of the Dress Circle (accessible via lift) from Autumn 2023.

Patrons must negotiate stairs to access any of the other toilets, steps are counted either up or down from our Main Entrance on Phoenix Street.

Stalls: 13 steps down, thenLadies are 7 steps down and 3 steps up, right and left of Phoenix IconsBar. Gents are at the rear of Stalls corridor - high seat number side.

Dress Circle: 21 steps up to Dress Circle Level. Gents on same level as bar, 3 steps up from Dress Circle level, Ladies are 18 steps up from Dress Circle Level or through the back of the Dress Circle to the far side, on the same level as the top of the Dress Circle. This toilet also contains one larger self-contained cubicle with lowered sink and grab rails and one standard sized cubicle with grab rails and outward opening door.

Grand Circle: 51 steps up, then ladies are the same level as Grand Circle and Gents are in Grand Circle bar (8 steps down).

Access to bars or refreshments

There is a bar on every level of the theatre, but none of our bars have full step-free access. For patrons wishing to purchase drinks, snacks and programmes before the show, or during the interval (if applicable), without steps, we offer an at-seat service as an alternative to visiting the theatre’s bars. Please ask our Access Host or any member of staff in the auditorium for more information.

Foyer Bar
Accessible via our main entrance on Phoenix Street, 1 shallow step up from street level. A ramp can be provided upon request. One bar with two terminals, also main point of sale for show merchandise. There is no seating in this bar. If you need to wait in the foyer and are unable to stand, please ask a member of staff and a chair can be provided. The Stalls and Dress Circle level are accessed by steps from the Foyer.

Stalls Bar – ‘Icons Bar’
13 steps down from Main Foyer, then an additional 3 and then 4 steps down again (7 total) from Stalls auditorium level. One long bar with three terminals. Limited seating available: two low tables with chairs and bar stools with backs, also some low chairs just outside the bar.

Ambassador Lounge
We are creating a new lounge for Autumn 2023, which is currently under construction. Details TBC.

Dress Circle Bar
21 steps up from the main foyer then an additional 3 steps up from Dress Circle auditorium level. One bar with two terminals, limited seating with standard level tables and chairs, plus standing room. Two low armchairs with low table just outside main bar area. There is a piano in the bar, but it is not in use during show incomings. Access to Grand Circle via stairs through door at the back.

Grand Circle Bar
51 steps up from Grand Circle entrance on Phoenix Street, or 21 steps up from the Main Foyer then an additional 3 steps then 22 steps up from Dress Circle Bar (46 steps total). 8 steps down from Grand Circle auditorium level. One bar with two terminals and limited seating: One low table with low chairs and two tall tables with tall stool style seats, plus standing room.

Access Performances

All ATG Audio Described, Captioned, BSL Interpreted and Relaxed performances, with booking links, are listed on our Assisted Performances page.

Audio Described Performances
For Audio Described performances, we recommend Stalls D-G or Dress Circle A-E.

Captioned Performances
For Captioned performances, caption screens are usually fitted both sides of the proscenium arch, either side of the stage. Seats towards the front and centre of the Dress Circle are recommended for the best view of both the Caption screens and the stage. However, this may differ for some productions. Recommended seats will be available for online booking by access members with the relevant requirements, or please check directly with the Box Office, to advise before booking.

BSL Interpreted (Signed) Performances.
For signed performances, the interpreter will usually be located on a platform to one side of the stage, so we would generally recommend centre Stalls and Dress Circle seating. However, this may differ for some productions. Recommended seats will be available for online booking by access members with the relevant requirements, or please check directly with the Box Office, to advise before booking.

Vision Impairment

Recommended seats:
For patrons with visual impairments, wishing to sit close to the stage, we recommend seats in Stalls Rows C-E

Front Row Stalls Seating – Row AA, A & B
Seats in the Stalls Front Rows may not be available to purchase in advance, as they may be held by the Box Office as Lottery or Day Seats. This will vary depending on the show. Please check with the Box Office for more information on this, including any view restrictions.

Hearing Assistance
A Sennheiser Infra-red sound amplification system in use in the Dress Circle and Stalls levels of the auditorium.

This is unfortunately an old system with a poor range and users may experience some difficulties in using it. As such, we cannot currently guarantee the loop system will be functional for use on the day of your visit. Please be aware this is temporary, as we are due to have a new system installed in Autumn 2023. In the meantime, please contact the Box Office or venue access lead ahead of booking and we will do our best to accommodate you in seats that are most likely to receive a signal for the system. We apologise for any difficulties this may cause and are actively working to improve the service we offer. 

Once booked, neck loops (for use with a compatible hearing aid) or headsets can be collected from our Access Host on arrival, or by asking any member of staff. Please read Infrared System Instructions.

Level or Stair-Free Access
Our accessible entrance is at the side of the building on Flitcroft Street. This gives stair-free access from street level to Row A of the Dress Circle (high numbers side), Box C and the accessible toilet. Patrons should come to the Main Entrance on Phoenix Street and request an escort from the Access Host to the stair-free entrance, as it must be opened by staff. There is access to the rear of the Dress Circle via a lift from Street Level, so all seats in Row K are stair-free.

Please note that there is no stair-free access to the Stalls, Grand Circle or other areas of the Dress Circle, than those listed above.

Recommended seats:
For patrons with limited mobility who need stair-free access and wheelchair users wishing to transfer into a theatre seat, Dress Circle Row A has level access from Flitcroft Street.

A28 is a fixed seat on the end of the row, which may be used to transfer into with no stairs.

If it is comfortable to navigate two to four stairs, seats in row B and C are also recommended. There is an increase of two shallow steps (with a handrail) per row.

We recommend choosing seating closer to the left end of the row (high numbers) as these are much closer to our accessible entrance. Moving further along the row requires navigating the narrow space between seats, or navigating up to 18 steps up to the top of the Dress Circle and the same number back down the centre or far side aisle. However, for those who need stair-free access but do not need to be on the end of the row we also recommend A25-26. Seats right up to the end of the row (number 28), are clear view seats, with no restrictions.

For wheelchair users who wish to remain in their own chair, we have four spaces at the rear of Row K in the Dress Circle, accessible via a lift from street level.

The maximum wheelchair dimensions these spaces can accommodate is 90cm Wide x 140cm Long, with a max. Weight of 400kg. Please check the dimensions of your chair/scooter prior to booking.

These seats can also be used for wheelchair users wishing to transfer to a seat, but will need to be booked on the phone via our Contact Centre or in person at the Box Office.

Wheelchairs and other mobility aids (such as walking frames) can be looked after by the venue during the performance and returned to patrons at the end of the performance, or at the interval (if applicable). Please be aware that wheelchairs and mobility scooters from patrons who are transferring to seats will be stored safely in our main foyer during the performance, as there is not space to safely store them in the auditorium.

Step Information By Level

View Our Step Information By Level Table here.

Main Entrance & Foyer
The main entrance to the theatre is on Phoenix Street. The Box Office, Foyer bar and Merchandise are one shallow step up from street level. A ramp for wheelchair users can be provided on request. The Stalls and Dress Circle are reached via stairs from the Main Entrance.

Charing Cross Road Entrance
Our new entrance on Charing Cross Road has access via 16 stairs down to the Stalls level or 18 stairs up to the Dress Circle level, both with handrails. There is no access to the Grand Circle from here. There is also step-free access to Row K at the rear of the Dress Circle, via a lift.

There are 13 steps, with a handrail, down to the Stalls from the Main Entrance. There is no lift to this level and the Stalls can only be accessed on foot. There are exits at the rear of all aisles, which slope gently towards the stage and are all at least 1 metre wide. Once reached, most of the Stalls level is flat, but patrons will have to negotiate 3-4 additional steps, down and up, to reach bars and toilets.

Dress Circle
There are 21 steps, with a handrail, up from the Main Entrance to the Dress Circle, with no lift. Entry to the Dress Circle via this route is from the rear and there are exits via stairs at the rear of the Dress Circle on both sides, including a lift from street level, but not in the centre. The aisles in the Dress Circle are steps which run down from the back (Row K) to the front (row A). There are 18 steps in these aisles, two per row. There are handrails on the side aisles but not the centre aisle steps. Side aisles are approximately 1 metre wide, the centre aisle is approximately 90cm. The bar is an additional 3 steps up from the back of the Dress Circle.

The front of the Dress Circle can be accessed from street level via our accessible entrance on Flitcroft Street, for step-free/reduced step-seating Rows A-C. (see recommended seats).

Please be aware that for busy performances, the rear aisle of the Dress Circle is sold as Standing Room. This is also a suitable area for patrons to stand who may have difficulty sitting for the whole performance.

Grand Circle
The Grand Circle Entrance is on Phoenix Street, to the immediate left of the Main Entrance. There are 51 steps up from the street to the Grand Circle, or 21 steps up from the Main Foyer then an additional 3 steps then 22 steps up from Dress Circle Bar (46 steps total). There is no lift to this level and the Grand Circle can only be accessed on foot. All stairs have handrails. Entry to the Grand Circle is from the rear. The aisles in the Grand Circle are steps which run down from the back (row J) to front (row A) there are 24 steep steps with handrails. Aisles are all approximately 1 metre wide but narrow to 85cm on Row A.

Please be aware that for busy performances, the rear aisle of the Grand Circle is sold as Standing Room.  This is also a suitable area for patrons to stand who may have difficulty sitting for the whole performance. The Grand Circle is not suitable for patrons with Vertigo.

Content Warnings

Stranger Things: The First Shadow
Age Guidance:
The play is set within the world and mythology of Stranger Things. A good guide would be to check if you and your party are comfortable with the level of content within the TV show. We would recommend 12+. Under 5s not permitted.  Under 16s must be accompanied by an adult.
Trigger warnings:
The depictions of various mental health conditions and disorders includes PTSD, imagery of seizures, medical drug use, needles and use of theatrical blood. There will be moments of extreme distress, shock and tension, references to child abuse, animal brutality, alcoholism, violence, bereavement and death. These themes are not just suggested but will be portrayed at times in the production realistically and/or emotively, which some viewers may find disturbing.

If there are specific effects or themes you would like to be made aware of, or require specific timings for, please contact the Box Office.

Sunflower Lanyards and Hidden Disabilities

The Phoenix Theatre participates in the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme, which offers visitors with hidden disabilities the opportunity to wear a sunflower lanyard whilst visiting the venue, as a discreet way to alert staff that they may need additional time or support. Anyone who feels they may benefit from a sunflower lanyard may use one, we do not ask for proof of eligibility.

If you wear a Sunflower Lanyard to the theatre, you may be approached by our venue Access Host, who will ask if there is anything they can do to assist you during your visit. Please let them know how we can best support you, if required. If no assistance is required, please let them know and they will not ask you again.

We can supply visitors with a sunflower lanyard, or you are welcome to bring your own. Lanyards can be collected from our Box Office, up to a week before your visit, or by asking any member of staff when you arrive for the show.

Lanyards are offered free of charge and can either be kept, or returned to a member of staff at the end of your visit.

For more information on the Sunflower Lanyard Scheme, please visit

Additional Venue Accessibility Information

Auditorium Seating
All auditorium seats are the same size and type with folding seats which spring back against the backrest and separated from the next seat by a single, shared armrest.

Approximate Auditorium Seat Dimensions
Seat height from floor: 40cm
Seat Depth: 40cm
Seat Width: 44cm
Backrest height: 50cm

Legroom is better in the Stalls, with less space in the Dress and Grand Circles, due to stepped seating. Otherwise, aisle seating is recommended. Stalls Row J is indented at either end, meaning optimum legroom is in K1 and K28.

Box Seating
Boxes are not available for Stranger Things: The First Shadow.

Aisles, Stairs and Corridors
All levels of the auditorium have an aisle in the centre and on either side of the seating blocks. The aisle has a gentle slope in the Stalls, and steps down in the Dress and Grand Circles. All aisles are a minimum of 90cm wide. All entry to the auditorium is from the rear of each level and the Dress and Grand circles have a rear aisle which also serves as standing room during busy performances.

All stairwells and corridors are at least 1m wide. All stairs/steps have handrails and stair nosing. Except on the centre aisle of the Dress Circle, which has no handrails.

Additional Show Information

Stranger Things: The First Shadow

Running Time:
3.5 hours, including one interval. - As the show is still in Preview, this may be subject to change.

Latecomers will be asked to watch on a screen in the foyer, and admitted to their booked seats at a specific point, ten minutes into the performance. Latecomer admittance after this point is at venue discretion.

Venue Opening
The Main Entrance, Bars, foyers and Show Time Box Office open from 1 and a half hours before the show starts.

The auditorium opens approximately 30 minutes prior to showtime. It is recommended that patrons who require entry via our Flitcroft St step-free entrance arrive at or after this time, as our accessible entrance leads directly into the auditorium, and they may have to wait if they arrive earlier.

Useful Links - For any resources such as Symbol Resources or links to our Euan's Guide page, please see our Additional Resources.

Further Information and Questions -
Details of company-wide Access Services are available in our Access Section. Any other questions please see our FAQ’s.