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View our Phoenix Theatre seating plan to find the best seats for shows

View our Phoenix Theatre seating plan to find the best seats to suit you. Whether you’d like to make your experience extra special with your own box or you’re looking for the most family-friendly area, you can take your pick from our wide range of options.

Where is the best place to sit at Phoenix Theatre?

When it comes to quality seats there are plenty of options at the Phoenix Theatre. For the best view of the stage the centre stalls rows E through to K are hard to beat. Stalls Row J is indented at either end, meaning optimum legroom is in K1 and K28. In addition the legroom is slightly better in the stalls in comparison to the Dress and Grand Circle. The very front of the Dress Circle is also a good choice thanks to clear views of the stage. Lastly if you’re looking for great value seats then row K in the Dress Circle plus rows A, B and C in the Grand Circle are options.

Phoenix Theatre Grand Circle photo
Phoenix Theatre Box Seating photo

Are Box Seats available at the theatre?

There are two boxes each containing two seats at the theatre. The boxes are located on either side of the Dress Circle with Box B only being accessible via steps. Box C is situated on the left side of the auditorium and is suitable for wheelchair users who wish to remain in their wheelchairs. Please note that there is around a 25% limitation in view of the closest side of the stage.

How many seats in Phoenix Theatre?

There are a total of 1028 seats at the Phoenix Theatre. This is split into 490 seats in the Stalls, 280 in the Dress Circle with a further 254 seats in Grand Circle. In addition there are 4 seats available in two boxes on either side of the Dress Circle. Thanks to our seat view function you can check what the view would be for seats in all sections of the theatre.

Phoenix Theatre Seating photo
Phoenix Theatre Restricted Seating photo

How do I check for any viewing restrictions from my seat?

Any seats that have any viewing restrictions will be clearly marked via the seat map. This will indicate the type of restriction such as an obstruction or viewing angle, as well as the limitation in view.

Where are Access seats located in the auditorium?

For patrons with limited mobility who need step-free access and wheelchair users wishing to transfer into a theatre seat, Dress Circle Row A has level access from Flitcroft Street. A28 is a fixed seat on the end of the row, which may be used to transfer into with no steps. If it is comfortable to navigate two to four steps, seats in row B and C are also recommended. There is an increase of two shallow steps (with a handrail) per row.

For wheelchair users who wish to remain in their own chair, Box C contains space for two wheelchair users or one wheelchair user and one companion/personal assistant. The corridor to Box C is 90 cm wide and the door to Box C is 78 cm wide and there is one relatively tight turn involved.

Phoenix Theatre Auditorium Seating photo