Phoenix Theatre Seat Map

Phoenix Theatre Seating Plan photo

Phoenix Theatre in London’s West End is home to great live theatre and entertainment. View the seating plan to find the best seating options at the theatre.

All auditorium seats are the same size and type with folding seats which spring back against the backrest and are separated from the next seat by a single, shared armrest. Approximate Auditorium Seat Dimensions - Seat height from floor: 40cm. Seat Depth: 40cm. Seat Width: 44cm. Backrest height: 50cm


The Stalls is the largest section in the auditorium with a total of 490 seats. The best views of the stage are provided in the centre of the section around a third of the way back from the front. Seats towards the back and the edges of the section do offer good views of the stage with the added benefit of slightly lower prices. For taller patrons’ legroom is better in the stalls, with less space in the Dress and Grand Circles, due to stepped seating. 

Box Seating

Box Seating (Box B and Box C) - Boxes contain two removable, loose seats with no armrests. Approximate dimensions - Seat height from floor: 44cm. Seat Depth: 48cm. Seat Width: 56-58cm (seat is wider towards the front). Backrest height: 50cm.

Box B is situated on the right side of the auditorium and is only accessible via steps but is useful for patrons who may be more comfortable in our loose seating or a more private setting. Box C is situated on the left side of the auditorium and is reserved for wheelchair users. Both boxes carry a view restriction of up to 25% of the closest side of the stage. For most shows, the action happens centre stage, so the impact of this restriction is relatively minor. Boxes have excellent legroom, as the seats can be moved.

Dress Circle

The Dress Circle contains 280 seats with a further 4 seats available via the adjacent Boxes B and C. The front of the section offers among the best views of the stage in the entire auditorium, making it an extremely popular choice. In fact, it's hard to find any bad seats in the Dress Circle thanks to the cleverly raked seating.

Grand Circle

The Grand Circle is located above the Dress Circle and provides a clear elevated view of the entire stage. Those in the very front of the section (rows A and B) do have to contend with the minor inconvenience of the safety rail. Any seats affected by this are clearly marked on the seat map. Despite this the Grand Circle section offers some of the best value seats in the house thanks to the combination of great pricing and excellent views of the stage.

Please note that this level is not recommended for sufferers of vertigo as it is accessed via several flights of stairs. All steps have handrails and stair nosing.